Aluminium Patio Doors

The Aluminium Patio Door Sliding System

Aluminium patio doors are simple and space-saving. With sliding glass doors, you have a system that is both window and door. Often mistakenly overlooked (with the popularity of bifold doors) sliding doors offer flexibility and complete control. Used as a window, they can be opened an inch for a light breeze. As a door, they can be opened a couple of feet to quickly nip outside or slid open completely to enjoy summer days.

Aluminium sliding doors have slimline frames which allow for large panels of glazing. Sliding glass doors have a higher glass to frame ratio when compared with bifold doors. The large expanses of glass allow natural light to flood in and enables you to enjoy all year round views of your garden.

Aluminium sliding patio doors have slimline frames which allow for large panels of glazing. Sliding glass doors have a higher glass to frame ration when compared with bifold doors. The large expanses of glass allow natural light to flood in and enables you to enjoy all year round views of your garden. 

Aluminium Patio Doors Features and Benefits

The strength and durability of aluminium make it the perfect material for slimline glazing frames. The sliding system used by Direct Roofing Systems allows a maximum glazing capacity of up to 34mm increasing thermal and acoustic benefits. 

Other benefits of our sliding door system include: 

Weather Proof 

All parts and constructions of our sliding door system have been weather tested. In laboratory testing, performance for water tightness, air permeability and wind loads has been checked to certify maximum results.

Thermal Insulation

The construction of the sliding door frame and fitting of the glass maintains the very best in thermal insulation. The sliding door system is created to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Acoustic insulation

With such a large area of glass, it can be a concern how properties could be insulated from sound. The build of the aluminium sliding doors frame creates an enclosed system with all the latest technological developments to deliver the peaceful requirements of modern-day life.

Unlimited colour range

Our aluminium patio door frames can be powder coated in any colour you require. Choose from different finishes, including metallic, textured, wood effect and anodised. The whole RAL colour chart is available to select from.

We can also complete your aluminium patio door frame in two different coloured finishes. For example, an aluminium finish on the outside and a wood effect on the inside.

Aluminium patio doors made to order

Your sliding patio door can be made to measure for your project. The system has been developed to install into any living style seamlessly. The door frames, made from aluminium, are durable and hard-wearing for you to enjoy for many years.


The aluminium patio door system has been developed with raw materials and products that limit the creation of waste products and environmental risks.

If a slimline, simple and beautiful sliding doors are what you are looking for please get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss the product options with you. 

A Buyers’ Guide to Aluminium Patio Doors

Often described by builders as a ‘simple’ or ‘seamless connection’ between indoor and outdoor areas in the home, aluminium patio doors are growing in popularity. This trend has been spurred on by a plethora of home improvement TV programmes.

It’s easy to see why they’re popular. Creating an outdoor living area, more effective use of space and increased light inside the home are the most commonly cited reasons.

There are a number of options available to homeowners, but currently, if you’re looking for a solution that pretty much ticks all the boxes, aluminium patio doors are a safe, economic and durable option. What’s best for your home?

aluminium sliding patio doors

The good news is that putting in patio doors isn’t the onerous or expensive project some people think. And the benefits are significant.

So, how best to get from A (inside the home) to B (the patio out the back)? After ruling out doing anything with the limited space afforded by the old-fashioned kitchen back door, people look at what they can do with that end of the living room overlooking the patio and garden. They’re generally thinking ‘patio doors’ at this point. Bifold doors are also a popular option.

Firstly, homeowners need to think about what they want out of a renovation that won’t break the bank but will significantly change their property. Most people are generally considering two things: Creating easy access to an outdoor entertaining area (current or future), and/or looking to generate more light inside the house.

If you’re considering sliding patio doors, then typically a set of doors will consist of a fixed glass panel and a sliding door moving on tracks parallel to the fixed panel.

They can be weighty – up to 300kg per glass panel, but improvements in design and manufacture of the tracks in recent years mean they are very easy to slide.

Door position, size or width, bifold or – if sticking with the likely original thoughts of ‘sliding’ doors, homeowners will be weighing up a choice between uPVC and aluminium. Advances in manufacturing include an interesting option to ‘fill’ a corner of a room with glass by having doors meet at a right angle in the corner.

Different companies offer varying solutions to suit a range of requirements. It’s worth looking around. Consumer advisors Which is always a good option when researching.

Essentially it comes down to choosing between uPVC and aluminium sliding patio doors. Both will do the job but it’s worth delving a little further into the respective differences offered by both solutions.

The uPVC option might better suit the budget-conscious and offers the key features you would expect. The aluminium option is long-lasting, works aesthetically with different types of properties – new and older, has advanced thermal break technology (essentially stopping heat conduction through the metal framing to the outside of the doors) and is robust from a security perspective.

Installing sliding patio doors of either type will also enhance the value of your property for a relatively modest outlay. If your doors are going to be in direct sunlight though, it’s worth noting that uPVC can fade and is also prone to expanding in hotter weather.

In warmer months you’ll have easy access to your outdoor living and entertaining area. At other times of the year, you’ll have more light coming into your indoor living area. And you’ll be adding value to your home without taking out a second mortgage.