PVC Trims

Eye catching PVC trims

PL143HK LM Centre Case

PL143HK-19 Auxiliary Case HK & Antilift Pin 

PL143-19 Centre Case

PL143HK-19HK & Antilift Pin

PL143HK-19HK Antilift Pin & Rollers

PL143HK-19 LM 2 HK Antilift 4 Roller

Our comprehensive range of precision-engineered products make tidying or finishing any installation a breeze. Precise fitting is quick and easy to achieve, and they can all be fixed with adhesives, tapes or silicone.

Our PVC trims complement the setting so the entire exterior shines brighter. From subtle beadboard designs to textured corner boards, our PVC trim brings visual and performance enhancements to its surroundings.

Every piece of our PVC trim can be easily milled, routed or moulded for use in almost any application in mind. Shape our  PVC trim to your heart’s desire. Creativity is encouraged.

Our PVC trim is as attractive as it is durable. A clean, crisp finish on every piece maintains its like-new appearance through the harshest weather conditions. Easily curve and shape through heat forming. Beautifully decorative, complementary and enduring.

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