Why Choose a Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement?

Use Your Conservatory All Year Round

When 46% of homeowners cite extra living space as their main motivation for building a conservatory, it seems absurd that these rooms sit empty and unused for the majority of the year.

Conservatories are notorious for their fluctuating temperatures. This often means that they cannot be used in the winter due to cold and in the summer due to extreme heat. By installing a tiled conservatory roof, you can transform this space into a year-round room.

Why Choose a Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement?

Your conservatory can become a retreat from the sun in August and a cosy sanctuary from which to watch the wild winter weather in January.

A more consistently heated conservatory will also mean that you can decorate it the way that you’ve always dreamed of without worrying so much about damp and condensation potentially damaging your beautiful soft furnishings.

Additionally, a conservatory upgraded with a tiled roof will be much easier to light in an attractive way for use in the evening and in the darkness of winter. Your new conservatory ceiling could be fitted with anything from statement light fixings with sunken spotlights.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

We’re all increasingly concerned about energy efficiency, whether it’s because we want to reduce our impact on the environment or save ourselves a few pennies.

As well as making part of your home uncomfortable to use, the irregular temperature of a conservatory negatively impacts the building’s energy efficiency.

Choosing to replace your glass roof with a tiled conservatory roof can improve your home’s energy efficiency. A tiled roof can be well insulated, saving you money and making your household more environmentally friendly.

Match the Look of your Conservatory to the Rest of your Home

Conservatories can often look quite strange in contrast to the rest of a house. They are not really an extension and not really a separate space, and it can be difficult to smoothly incorporate a conservatory into your vision of what you’d like your home to look like.

Placing a tiled roof on your conservatory can help with this. With a more traditional ceiling, it is easier to extend design themes throughout your whole home, and your conservatory will feel less like a bolt-on and more like an integral part of the building.

This doesn’t, however, mean that you have to sacrifice the brightness of your conservatory. A tiled conservatory roof replacement can accommodate skylights to maintain that bright sunroom aesthetic.

Peace and Quiet

As soothing as the pitter-patter of rain on glass can be, a conservatory in bad weather can become horrendously loud. This means that even if, by some miracle, your conservatory is warm while the weather rages outside, it will almost certainly be too noisy to enjoy.

Replacing the roof of your conservatory with a tiled roof can reduce weather noise considerably, transforming your conservatory into a tranquil retreat, no matter the weather.

A tiled conservatory roof can also improve the acoustics of a conservatory space more generally, so your sunroom can become a sophisticated entertaining space where music can be enjoyed alongside the view.

Make Your Home More Desirable

The benefits of a tiled conservatory roof that we’ve already talked about combine to make your home more desirable on the housing market.

Giving your home higher energy efficiency, making it look sleek and well designed, as well as ensuring that your space is flexible and usable in all seasons and times of day can increase the value of your property and make it easier to find a buyer.